Women's Trauma Recovery Centre

The Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre is in its early stages of development, it is a place for women to heal and rebuild lives after experiencing domestic, family, and sexual violence. Through an innovative and wrap-around approach, the Centre will support women to live independent and secure lives for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Recovery is prevention. By investing in the safety, health, and healing of women the Centre will support not only the longer-term impacts of trauma stemming from domestic, family, and sexual violence, but also work towards breaking cycles of violence and abuse, preventing intergenerational transmission of trauma.

Importantly, this innovative model of care was co-designed with women who have experienced domestic, family, and sexual violence – it is exactly what women are saying will treat their trauma and limit further traumatisation by the systems that are meant to support them. Above all it is a compassionate response.

To read more about the Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre you can read our Business Case and Co-design Report below. You can also visit the website and sign up for updates here.