Young Women's Program

The Young Women’s Program holistically supports the needs of girls and young women and empowers them to make informed choices about their lives, bodies, and relationships.

It facilitates important and relevant conversations to develop strong, independent women who can create a safer future for themselves and their community.

The highly regarded program builds resilience and develops the skills, knowledge & confidence of girls (12-16 years) to understand and protect themselves across three critical domains: domestic, family and sexual violence, mental health, sexual and reproductive health.

The Young Women’s Program incorporates:

  • Weekly, term-based program delivered in local high schools and alternative education settings
  • One-on-one specialist counselling
  • Advocacy and representation
  • Safe referrals to community and government services

Modules in our in-school program include:

  • Healthy & harmful relationships
  • Self-care and mental health
  • Sexual and reproductive health (including contraception, abortion, and STIs)
  • Gender and sexual identity
  • Pornography
  • Consent
  • Online safety
  • Body image and self esteem
  • Drugs and alcohol

I want the young women to come out of this with more confidence in themselves and feeling powerful. I want them to realise they are allowed to be angry about the things society says are 'normal'. I hope that together, supporting one another and lifting each other up, they will realise they can thrive and change the world.

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